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Meet The Principal

Mary Skrzypczak

Principal, Eastford Road Elementary School

B.S., Early Childhood Education, Worcester State University

M.Ed, Early Childhood Education, Worcester State University

​M.E.S.P.A. Certification Program, Lesley University

​Miss Skrzypczak has been Principal of Eastford Road School since 2014. Prior to her administrative tenure in Southbridge, Miss Skrzypczak had been an Early Childhood Educator in Southbridge for twenty years. Miss Skrzypczak began her teaching career with student teaching at ERS in 1994 and has spent 18 of 20 years teaching Kindergarten and First Grade at Eastford Road School. As an educator and as Principal, Miss Skrzypczak has lead turnaround work at both the district and building levels. Turnaround efforts at ERS include promoting a strong foundation in Early Literacy, strengthening a climate and culture to support student learning and establishing a Spanish Immersion Dual Language Program.

Miss Skrzypczak is a lifelong learner. She attended the Massachusetts Elementary School Principal’s Association CPAL Program and has continued her professional and personal growth through attending the Harvard Turn-Around Leaders Institute, professional development led by the DESE Team, the Massachusetts Association for Bilingual Education, and attending Analyzing Teaching for Student Results. 

​Miss Skrzypczak is committed to building a Team that provides a solid educational foundation and building a culture within our school community that maintains high expectations for ALL students. She can be reached at: mskrzypczak@southbridbgepublic.org or by calling Eastford Road School at (508) 764-5460