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Dual Language Program

Dual Language Program 
In English y en Español:

Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] for any questions you may have about dual language.  

​Fill out this form (link here) to begin kindergarten registration. You will also need to call central registration at (508) 764-5414 ext. 405 or contact l[email protected] to complete the registration process.


No dude en comunicarse con [email protected] para cualquier pregunta que pueda tener sobre el programa de lenguaje dual.

Complete este formulario (enlace aquí) para comenzar el registro de kindergarten. También deberá llamar al registro central al (508) 764-5414 ext. 405 o póngase en contacto con [email protected] para completar el proceso de registro

Frequently asked questions

Program purpose

Why did Southbridge create this program?

Southbridge is a town with significant linguistic diversity, and we knew that a Dual Language program could build on that diversity to create opportunities for our students. 

What’s the overall purpose of the program?

Our program seeks to develop students who:

  1. become bilingual and bi-literate;

  2. achieve at a high level academically; and,

  3. function well in a multicultural environment.


Who may enroll in the program?

All Southbridge families with children entering kindergarten are eligible to apply for the program.


Does my child have to know English and Spanish to enroll?

No! The program is open to children who speak English, Spanish, or other languages, as well as children who are already bilingual.


Are students with Special Needs able to participate?

Yes, the program is open to all children, regardless of Special Needs. 


May students from other districts participate?

In the rare event that Southbridge students do not fill all the seats, students from other towns may enter the program through school choice.


Do other school districts have DL programs?

Yes, Southbridge is one of 19 districts in Massachusetts to offer a dual-language program.


Benefits for students

How would being bilingual help my child?

Research conducted over many years and in many countries has demonstrated that being bilingual and/or studying in a Dual Language program has many benefits, including:

  • positive effects on cognition;

  • increased student engagement in school;

  • closing of achievement gaps;

  • Increase in open-mindedness; 

  • ease of learning additional languages; and

  • strength with multicultural competence.


Will being bilingual help my child get into college or get a job?

Research studies show that being bilingual and bi-literate can be an advantage when applying for college or looking for work.


How long will it take my child to become bilingual and bi-literate?

It takes most students 5-7 years to become bilingual and bi-literate in an academic setting. Within 2-3 years, however, many students are able to conduct informal (non-academic) conversations in both languages.