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Teachers and Staff

Name Job Title or Department Email
Kelly Gelineau Principal [email protected]
Marilyn Stella Assistant Principal [email protected]
Karina Alvarado Secretary [email protected]
Selena Robles Family Liaison [email protected]
Melanie Rios Nevarez City Connects Coordinator [email protected]
Gileny Alvarado Diaz EA [email protected]
Anthony Aucoin Teacher [email protected]
Yesenia Aviles Dual Language Teacher [email protected]
Lisa Bachand School Nurse [email protected]
Emily Bailey-Gates Teacher [email protected]
Chelsea Bebeau Pre-K PASS Teacher [email protected]
Lisa Bonaventura Teacher [email protected]
Becca Brunnett Teacher [email protected]
Mark Bugbee Adjustment Counselor [email protected]
Gabriela Carofaniello Teacher [email protected]
Mariluz Colon Torres EA Tier 2 [email protected]
Joselyn Cummings ABA Assistant [email protected]
Joel Delgado Custodian [email protected]
Margaret Dennis EA [email protected]
Ryan Duquette EA [email protected]
Kaitlin Elkins Teacher [email protected]
Cherie-Ann Extra Teacher [email protected]
Caroline Fontaine EA [email protected]
Paola Gonzalez Marquez EA
Jody Gray-Linden Teacher [email protected]
Kerri-Lyn Griswold Reading Teacher [email protected]
Doreen Hart Reading Teacher [email protected]
Gayle Howland Teacher [email protected]
Sarah Hutchinson ESP Tutor-Sped [email protected]
Jeffrey Hyde Teacher [email protected]
Anne Irish EA Tier 2 [email protected]
Wilmariam Irizarry EA [email protected]
Katrina Johnson EA kjohnson2@southbridgepublic.org
Madelyn Jolin EA [email protected]
Evis Jordanoglou Teacher [email protected]
Margaret Jubin EA mjubin1@southbridgepublic.org
Tiffany Krasnecky ABA Assistant [email protected]
Dennis Labonte Custodian [email protected]
Jennifer Ladner Library Media Specialist [email protected]
Nancy Lopes EA [email protected]
Jillian Lucier Teacher [email protected]
Kristin Macnamara Teacher [email protected]
Aline Maldonado EA [email protected]
Harrison Meitzler EA [email protected]
Meaghan Neilly Teacher [email protected]
Valerie Nunez Teacher [email protected]
Margaret O'Brien EA [email protected]
Odalys Padilla EA [email protected]
Derid Peguero Teacher [email protected]
Melissa Ramirez EA [email protected]
Morgan Reynolds Teacher [email protected]
Kristin Rivers Teacher [email protected]
Julianna Robb Teacher [email protected]
Krystal Rodriguez ABA Assistant [email protected]
Amanda Rotatori BCBA [email protected]
Katyna Russin ABA Assistant [email protected]
Elizabeth Scully ESP Para Sped [email protected]
Samuel Shipman School Adjustment Counselor [email protected]
Victoria Skoog Teacher [email protected]
Hannah Lieske EA [email protected]
Kaitlin Thibodeau Teacher [email protected]
Rebecca Trahan Reading Teacher [email protected]
Melissa Vasquez EA [email protected]
Rebecca Wells Reading Specialist [email protected]
Jessica Wilson Other Related SpEd Staff [email protected]
Lisa Wolslegel Speech Pathologist Assistant [email protected]
Kelly Woods Teacher [email protected]
Gina Yacavace ESP Para Sped [email protected]
Mireya Zayas Dual Language Teacher [email protected]